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Marie Laure Briane photographer specialised in theatre photography captures the emotions of artists with narrative essence.


From Opera productions to musicals including dance performances, concerts, contemporary art,  Marie Laure works since many years in close collaboration with stage artists.

She became an expert of performing art images.

She is currently published in books, newspapers, show programmes and art galleries.


Her Clients from present to past :

 - Gaertnerplatz Theater

 - Bayerische Staatsoper

 - Monte-Carlo Ballet company

 - La Compagnie Humaine

 - Tanz Olymp (Berlin dance competition)

 - Wear Moi (dance fashion catalog)

 - Gallimard, edition "Beaux livres" with"Ballet Russes et Compagnies"  from Philippe Favier

 - Textuel edition with "Panorama des ballets classiques et neo classique" from  Rosita Boisseau

 - And private clients...


Marie Laure is based in Munich, she is open for assignements all over Europe.

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